About me!

Hi, I'm Randy. I'm a husband, father, programmer, guitarist, and your average nerd. I have been a husband and father since 2004. I've been a programmer since around 1986, when I got my first computer. Though, I didn't consider myself a programmer till around 2008, when I started doing it professionally to some extent. To finish off the list, I've been a guitarist since 1992 and a nerd since 1977 when I was born.

I have a wonderful wife (Brandi) and four amazing children (Tyler, Riley, Emily, and Jillian). We live in Chatsworth, GA which is about 40 miles south of Chattanooga, TN and about 80 miles north of Atlanta. I get recruitment emails for jobs in both of those cities, but don't want to spend most of my driving to and from work, so I work remotely as a contract web developer.

I am interesting in just about anything, but I primarily focus on family, computers, and guitar. We live in the woods, and I like to wind down my days outside by the fire, playing guitar and roasting marshmellows with my kids. I also enjoy taking rides with various family members in my convertible. I'm pretty boring, but I'm never bored.