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I have more than eight years of web and application development utilizing many different languages and stacks.

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Programming Languages

  • Expert with PHP
    • Some Laravel
    • Extensive CodeIgniter
    • Extensive CakePHP
    • Extensive LavaMVC - a superior framework I created, which is used on this site
  • Expert with Javascript
    • Plenty of jQuery Experience
    • Exceptional AngularJS - both 1 and 2
    • Good grasp of NodeJS
    • Outdated but relevant knowledge in ExtJS
    • Can jump into any JS framework with relative ease
    • MEAN Stack development with various frameworks
  • Very good with Java, C#, Visual Basic, and Python
    • Java SE application development in the past
    • Java SE game development for personal projects in the past
    • C# web development in college as well as some C# for Unity3d development, but not much recent experience
    • VBScript, VB 6, and VB.Net back in the day for various infrastructure projects
    • Python scripting for crons and quick hacks mainly, though I have worked with Flask and SQLAlchemy a bit as well
  • Familiar with Rust, Perl, Ruby, and many others
    • Once wrote an IRC bot in Perl, and later rewrote it in Python
    • Have helped my friend (Red Hat employee) with his Ruby code from time to time
    • Would love to spend most of my time becoming a GoLang or RustLang professional, but I have to pay the bills


  • Expert with MySQL
  • Almost expert in any other SQL-based DB
  • Familiar with document-based NoSQL solutions.

Operating Systems

  • Expert in Windows (any version)
    • Have used every version of Windows since Windows 286, including server and desktop.
    • Expert in DOS - Taught myself DOS, back in the day, by simply typing 'help' at the C prompt. The rest is history.
    • Use Windows on my main desktop due to games and software availability.
  • Expert in Mac OS X (any version)
    • Not a hardcore Mac fan but appreciate the Macbook touchpads and marriage of a beautiful UI with Unix.
    • Prefer it to Windows for development work
  • Expert in GNU/Linux (any distribution)
    • My favorite OS for development work
    • Prefer Debian-based distros but any will work just fine for me
    • Have built Linux from Scratch on more than one occasion
    • Keep a few Linux VMs running most of the time
    • Love the command line and Vi


  • Expert HTML
    • Write clean HTML5, though I do tend to still use divs extensively
    • Have lived through <font> and <marquee> and know not to use them
    • Obsessive about code and markup formatting
  • Expert CSS
    • I know my way around bootstrap without referencing the website very often.
    • Primary compile from LESS for flexibility
    • Enough in-depth knowledge to say that Safari is very strict with base64 encoded images
    • Can write responsive sites without bootstrap, but haven't found a reason to do so yet
  • Expert Git
    • Have also used SVN and Mercurial extensively but always wish they were Git
    • Stash things more than I should probably
    • Find myself typing "git status" even when I'm in a Mercurial repo
  • Expert Google
    • A very underrated skill, I'm strong with the Google-fu when needed
    • Usually an effort of last resort, but never fails
  • Server Admin in a Pinch
    • Find myself helping server admins more often than one would think necessary
    • Can configure PHP-FPM, Nginx, Apache, and just about anything else in /etc
    • Have written various server health/info scripts
    • Have managed AWS instances and frequently build dev virtual machines
    • Installing new Linux distributions used to be my favorite passtime

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01/13 - Present
Self-employed Full Stack Developer

06/12 - 01/13
Bookit.com - PHP Developer

  • Created web services for affiliate program
  • Performed maintenance and bug fixes
  • Worked in a 40+ person team environment
  • Helped train new developers in custom in-house MVC framework and SVN workflow

02/09 - 06/12
Self-employed internet marketing and web developer

  • Developed many personal sites using my own MVC framework and my own custom CMS software written in PHP and ExtJS for affiliate marketing
  • Maintained LAMP environments for 600+ money-generating sites
  • Utilized SEO and internet marketing tactics to maximize web traffic and earnings

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03/06 - 12/10
DeVry University

BS Computer Information Systems - Web Development Track

Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.72 GPA