About this site

This isn't a Wordpress blog. It's also not an amazing enterprise app. This site uses an PHP framework which I call LavaMVC. The framework started as a custom framework I helped develop for some of my contract web development work. I decided to rewrite the old framework and modernize it a bit. It uses Composer's PSR-4 autoloader and handles routing with my own routing class. The new LavaMVC isn't complete at the moment, and this site's secondary function is to allow me to evaluate features and capabilities of the framework. The framework is open source and its Git repository can be found here:

LavaMVC PHP Framework

Since this site isn't very complex, I'm not using a frontend framework like AngularJS. I am, however, using jQuery where necessary and Bootstrap. Eventually this site will also contain the docs for the LavaMVC framework.

LavaMVC is a PHP framework designed to be minimalistic but extremely useful. It's a framework for a working dev who wants efficiency and a good starting point for robust applications. It could be compared to CodeIgniter in many ways but with less bloat and a bit more modern PHP features. It was named "LavaMVC" as a reference to Lava Lamps. LAMP stack... Lava... get it? When I eventually create a logo, it will undoubtedly be a silhouette of a Lava Lamp.

Routes are configured with a JSON file. Databases are configured with a JSON file.