The Personal Website of Randy Yates!

There’s not a lot to see here YET. I’m usually busy with other things (like other people’s sites). So, I do not get a lot of opportunities to work on my own site(s). This site uses CodeIgniter 4 PHP framework along with Bootstrap CSS. It is hosted on AWS and will be the location of my personal blog eventually, along with other sections for my family and hobbies.

I’ve used CodeIgniter quite a bit in the past for personal and professional web sites, even though it isn’t the most preferred framework in the ecosystem. However, I think more people should checkout the latest version. Version 3 was designed around PHP version 5.6. CodeIgniter version 4 is designed around PHP version 7.2+, and it packs a lot of new features that are actually fleshed out well. I've always liked CodeIgniter and it is nice to have a modern version of it to work with. I will be able to report after I use it more for this site, but so far I am impressed.

If you must see more right away, you can check out my resume!